This is our Corvette Tech Articles Page. On this page you will find many technical articles relating to different aspects of your Corvette, whether you are simply trying to make a repair or doing a full restoration.
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*Many of the articles by John Hinckley are courtesy of Corvette Enthusiast Magazine. Please visit them here:www.corvetteenthusiast.compdf = .PDF file      jpg = .jpg image      linkgo = external link

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pdfC1 Frame Specs
by: GM

pdfC2 Frame Specs
by: GM

pdfC3 69-72 Frame Specs
by: GM

pdfC3 78-82 Frame Specs
by: GM

pdfFrame spec Instructions
by: Tru Way

pdfBody Dolly
by: Noland Adams

pdfC3 Body Dolly
by: “Kaiserbud”

linkgoBody Removal Checklist
by: Kevin McKay

pdfShimming a C2 Body
by: Noland Adams

jpgC2 Birdcage photo
by: “Wombvette”

jpgC2 Birdcage diagram
by: GM

pdfC2 Door Anatomy
by: Dave Zuberer

pdfC2 Door Alignment
by: Bob Pelland

jpgC2 Leaksource
by: unknown

pdfC2 Headlight Motor Rebuild
by: Alann Boatright

linkgoC2 Headlight Motor Repair
by: Corvette Magazine

linkgoC2 Taillight Replacement
by: Corvette Magazine

pdfC1 Power Top
by: John Hinckley

pdfRubber Bumper Repair
by: Lars Grimsrud

pdfC2 Exterior Mirror Repair
by: Dave Zuberer

pdfInstalling Staples
by: Dave Zuberer

pdfInstalling Rivets
by: John Hinckley

pdfC2 Firewall Holes
by: Tim Welsh

pdfCar Ramps
by: Binner Langley

pdfCar Ramps
by: Carl Granquist

pdfC1 56-57 Crash Manual
by: Glen Mitchell

pdfC1 58-60 Crash Manual
by: Glen Mitchell

pdfC2 Crash Manual
by: by: Glen Mitchell

pdfC3 68-72 Crash Manual
by: Glen Mitchell

pdfC3 73-77 Crash Manual
by: Glen Mitchell

pdfC3 78-79 Crash Manual
by: Glen Mitchell

pdfC3 80-82 Crash Manual
by: Glen Mitchell

jpgL88 Inner Hood
by: unknown

linkgoC3 Door Handle Repair
by: Corvette Magazine


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