The “Technical Tips” page is a place where you can get answers to technical questions on your Corvette, regardless of what generation you own.

The website links will be able to address many technical issues or questions you may have.

Currently, the downloadable tech files pertain mostly to C1 thru C3 generation Corvettes but our collection of tech articles on the C4,  C5, and C6 generations is growing.

If you have useful links and/or articles that you wish to be included in this section, especially downloadable tech articles for the C4 thru C6 generation cars please contact the webmaster.

This is our Corvette Tech Articles Page. On this page you will find many technical articles relating to different aspects of your Corvette, whether you are simply trying to make a repair or doing a full restoration.


We would like to thank the authors of these articles for their generosity in allowing us to post their articles here on our site for the benefit of everyone.
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2. If you RIGHT-CLICK on the article’s file name you can download the article to your own computer to read it offline and save it. Some files are external links to the article only and cannot be downloaded as a file

**NOTE: Some of these articles are very large file sizes so a broadband internet connection is recommended
*Many of the articles by John Hinckley are courtesy of Corvette Enthusiast Magazine. Please visit them here: www.corvetteenthusiast.com